Adam Vanryne

Excellence In Audio

Making great music for over 25 years



Multitrack music recording, production and mixing - stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 - Studio or location - Nuendo 7 DAW - 32 channel I/O


Upmixing stereo to 5.1 and 7.1


Online mixing, remixing and mastering services - high speed secure (user-friendly interface) transfer service


Mastering and remastering up to 24/96 (High Resolution) - Pure Audio Blu-Ray, DVD Audio, CD Audio - Online delivery


Pitch Correction professional treatment for voice and instrument using the best software (Melodyne DNA) all styles and genres


Loudness conformance - all international standards supported


Edit to picture


Dialogue recording,track laying and editing, restoration, ADR and mixing


Re-Recording and soundtrack production


Music composition, arrangement and scoring - all genres


Radio idents, voice-overs & advert creation


Sound design - special effects and logos


We Have the Technology...


Hardware equipment includes:


ADAM S3-active Monitors + Sub1

Eve Audio 5x SC307's + TS112 Sub

Focusrite Red 2 EQ, Red 8 Mic Pre, Red 3 Stereo Comp/Lim.

2x LA-2A’s

Audient ASP880 Mic Pre's

DAW PC: Asus P6X58D Premium i7 980extreme + SSDs

3x Dell Ultrasharp 24” TFT Screens

Lynx Aurora 16 AD-DA Converter

Steinberg/Yamaha 824 AD-DA Converter

Nuendo 8 I-O 96K AD-DA Converter

Nuendo RayDAT + 9652DSP Host Interface

UAD2 Quad - Universal Audio +

Plextor Audio Pro CD-Recorders + Misc. DVD-/+RW/CDRW

Tascam DA48HR 16/24-bit DAT

Tascam DA98 Multi DAT

Sony E7 MiniDisc


Audio Application Software includes:


Nuendo v7

ProTools 11 Native

Logic Pro X

Wavelab v8

Diamond Cut 6 forensics

Cubase 8

Izotope RX4 Advanced

DoStudio Indie 4


Featured Plugin Software includes:


Universal Audio: the complete Powered Plugin Suite

Plugin Alliance: Complete suite of Brainworx, SPL etc.

Lexicon: Native Reverbs collection.

Waves: Platinum Collection

Melodyne Editor with DNA

PSP: Vintage Warmer 2, Master Q, Neon, Xenon, Mixpack2

Software VSTi's - many including Kontakt Komplete, Spectrasonics, RobPapen etc.


Our list is growing all the time, with constant updates and upgrades.


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