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Music for Film and Television...

We’re panoramic, professional.

Keeping it tight and on cue.

Music can make or break a movie, as well having a key role to play in TV light entertainment and drama. We can work from your screenplay and collaborate with composers in the creation of the soundtrack. And then work with musicians and oversee the complete recording and mixing of the score, along with exceptional attention to production.


Alternatively, you may already be into a hectic filming schedule, but have not yet found that elusive musical theme that will add that touch of magic. We can provide the creative input you need and co-ordinate the whole operation.


The advantage to you is that you get quality creative input from a single supplier. As well as greatly simplifying the creative process, this integrated approach means you have greater overall control, and deadlines can be met more reliably.

Cleanup, repair and ADR.

So you have the perfect performance in the can, but later discover it's totally flawed by foreign noises or interference? Help is at hand...

With our skilful use of 'RX4 Advanced', previously usable media becomes perfect, saving you precious time and all the associated costs of re-recording.

Compliance and confidence.

Loudness compliance is now a requirement for all broadcast media.

Don't have your latest production rejected by your client because it fails the QC inspection.

We can ensure your soundtrack complies with global loudness standards, whilst maintaining transparency, dynamics and quality.

5.1 and 7.1 Surround upmixing.

Using only the best technology, we can meet the increasing demand for upmixing to many surround sound formats and can create beds for use with the latest  Dolby Atmos format.

From your stereo track we can create the highest quality surround sound that is fully immersive with wide & discrete channel separation, while retaining the low frequency “slam” and front channel “punch” with no unwanted sonic artefacts.

The upmix will fold-back 100% ITU to the original stereo track perfectly.


Finest Audio Restoration, diaolgue repair, de-crackle vinyl, de-clipping, clean-up, loudness compliance
DCP, DPP,  Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS we love and support them all. Penteo 7 Pro

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