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Getting the elusive ‘wow’ factor.

Although it’s the final stage in the production process, mastering makes all the difference. However high the quality of the music itself, mastering is where the quality of the recording can be raised to the next level to give it that ‘wow’ factor. That’s where our dedication to excellence comes in, backed by years of industry experience and engineering expertise.


That final polish, those final tweaks – however small – can make a huge difference. And if you’re working on an album, we can ensure consistency and continuity between tracks.


Also, because you’re so close to the music, it’s difficult to be detached. Approaching the material for the first time, we can look at it afresh and make real improvements.

Good old faithfiul CD. Better than mp3 any day! Better than compact cassette!!! LOL
DVD Audio a great format often forgotten by the industry and totally under-rated - delivers fantastic audio quality and value for money
Music Delivery in a brilliant format see for details.
A vastly improved iTunes delivery format for your music and audio masters see for more details.

Reviving the past.

We have all the latest software tools and skills to restore old or damaged recordings in order to realise the very best they can be.

Only too often we hear media that has been 'restored' but sounds lifeless and dull because it has been over-zealously processed.

What is really crucial in successful audio restoration is to treat the recording sympathetically in order to retain it's original magic.

We pride ourselves in having that unique core understanding.

Studer A820 2 track master sympathetic restoration Izotope RX4 advanced

Product to manufacture.

We support all popular formats including CD, DVD-A and PureAudio BluRay.

DDP file is our preferred delivery format directly (via ftp) to the pressing plant, other physical formats can be provided if requested.

Mastering services also include electronic delivery (directly to user accounts) to most popular on-line music aggregators.

Wow and flutter removal pitch correction analgue tape masters stunning results
A rare master tape of The Beatles performing live this tape appeared in a Christie's of London auction. Restored by Adam Vanryne

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